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Not available from Mar/11/2022".
The recommended alternative model is PFBR-600SW2-LLCF.

Provides high output to easily replace 350 W metal halide or xenon flash light sources.
Filter Changer Model.
Continuous lighting and strobe lighting can be selected.
Available control modes include manual control and external control over Ethernet, parallel communication, and serial communication.
Light intensity can be set in a maximum of 1,024 steps (10-bit: 1,024 steps / 8-bit: 256 steps).


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Filter Changer Model

Use color filters to emit light at specific wavelengths.

PFBR-600SW-LLCF Filter Changer Model

  • Equipped with a multi-filter changer that holds five filters.
  • Filters can be changed manually and using external communication.
  • Easily replace filters by removing the front cover.
  • Filters available in six colors.

Filters available in six colors.

* Refer to the instruction guide for installing and setting filters.

A variety of filters are available with excellent heat resistance.


Control Unit Guide(PDF)

  • シーシーエス電源用サンプルプログラム Sample Program for CCS Controllers

  • 電源用イーサネット通信サンプルプログラム(VC#,VB) Ethernet Sample Program (VC#,VB)

  • 電源用イーサネット通信サンプルプログラム(Python) Ethernet Sample Program (Python)


  • EXCB2-25M-3


  • AD-PFBR-600-01

  • AD-PFBR-600-02

  • AD-PFBR-600-03


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