[Not available in Japan]
GigE Vision ® Compliant LED Lighting Controller.

* Easy GigE Vision connectivity
* Stable illumination
* Brightness/temperature monitoring and feedback control

GigE Vision Compliant

External Control via GigE Vision Communication.

You can control the parameter settings such as light emitting width, lighting delay, and lighting ON/OFF for the OPPD-30G externally from the GigE Vision-compatible image processing systems, including GenICam-compliant software.



GenICam is a generic standard to provide common user interfaces and APIs for camera control protocols such as GigE Vision, Camera Link ™, and USB 3.0 used for machine vision.

GigE Vision

GigE Vision is a machine vision camera control protocol featuring broadband data transmission over a long distance, multicasting, and flexible system configuration.

Monitoring and Feedback

Brightness/Temperature Monitoring and Feedback Control.

Connecting the OPPD-30G to lighting equipped with "FALUX sensing" enables monitoring of the lighting brightness and temperature. Based on these monitored values, light intensity feedback control can be performed, allowing brightness to be kept constant.