BCR Series (Ring Light)

BCR series ring lights connect to Basler ace U and ace L camera models by plug and play. Control lighting mode, lighting time, and dimming of lighting through the camera software.
Available in 3 sizes: 50 mm, 70 mm, and 90 mm and 3 LED light emission colors: red, blue, and white.
Diffuser and polarizing plate are available as options.
Warranty for this product are not the same as CCS standard lighting. Contact our local sales o ice for details.<br />


Direct communication between camera and light thanks to the Basler SLP feature

  • Basler SLP feature does not require complicated calculation or lighting setup. which is a bottleneck when building an image inspection system using a camera and lighting.
  • Lighting control is possible with Basler's dedicated pylon Camera Software Suite.
  • By sharing the power supply for cameras and lighting, it is possible to reduce the number of devices for system construction and reduce costs.
Direct communication between camera and light thanks to the Basler SLP feature

Abundant lighting lineup

  • Four types of lighting: bar, ring, flat, and flood lights, available in red, white, and blue emission colors (27 models in total)
  • Ideal for speedily building an image inspection system.
Basler Camera Light lineup

特性 ・数据

Reference model data: BCR-50W

Note: The data included is for reference only. Actual values may vary.



Relative Illuminance

elative Illuminance

Relative Uniformity

Relative Uniformity


Imaging Text on Intake Valves

Description Character recognition
Workpiece Intake valves (automobile parts)
Result Emphasized characters
Workpiece image

Intake valves
Unsuitable lighting

It's difficult to clearly recognize the text due to the inner indentation.
Suitable lighting

Allows for image that makes the character edges stand out.

Introduction Video