OPB-S Series

[Not available in Japan]
Built-in sensor allows brightness monitoring and
feedback control for long-term stability


Built-in “FALUX sensing” technology

The built-in photodiodes make it possible to detect LED brightness. This allows for accurate measurement of LED brightness not only during continuous illumination but also with short period illumination. “FALUX sensing” also makes it possible to measure both the LED brightness of lighting and the internal temperature, and then to monitor those measurements on the controller side.
Based on the monitored values, feedback control can also be performed from the OPPF Series controller.

Absolute brightness for simple instrumental error adjustment of multiple lighting elements

The factory default brightness and model-specific absolute brightness is stored in the internal memory and can be referenced from OPPF Series products.
This not only allows monitoring of changes in brightness but also enables easy instrumental error adjustment of multiple lighting elements by comparing the absolute brightness.

Wide variety of options

In addition to diffusion plates, transparent covers, and polarizing plates, the lineup also includes brackets for convenient mounting. Lighting angles can also be adjusted between 0 and 90°.
Square brackets for mounting 1 to 4 devices are also available.